Recently you may have seen on social media that there has been a lot going on with the assessment centres and training contracts, we’ve also had a few things going on in the background since the Mental Health Awareness week.

On our social media recently, we were posted how we were pleased to invite Calm People to share some tips with us, one of the biggest things of course is a good work/life balance. This is something we’ve posted about before and the teams have had great ideas to really put this into practice…

Running Club

Some of our colleagues in Nottingham have set up a running club – a great combination of work life balance as there are 13 people from the office who all get together on Tuesday (and some Thursdays) to run together!

The club are only 14 weeks away from their half marathon and are training very hard!

The running club has been set up quite recently at the end of April and yet they are already running 5k on Tuesdays and 5-10k on Thursdays.

A great opportunity to really get to know the people you work with a running club provides great morale and the club make sure that no matter what your level of fitness no one is left behind.


In Cardiff you may have seen our updates about the Touch Rugby – as typically Welsh as you can get they’re more into the Rugby than the running!

Touch Rugby is something that has been done before, so this isn’t the first year unlike the Running Club, however it goes to show that the opportunity to really get to know and spend time outside of work with colleagues allows a much greater work/life balance.

Having played a few matches this season the team have won their most recent match last week so congratulations to them – they went on to play in Charity Touch Rugby Tournament on Saturday in aid of the charity 2 Wish Upon a Star.

The team reached the Silver Semi Final but lost by 1 point to the 2 Wish Upon a Star team. It was a fantastic event for a great charity.


At Geldards we want to support our colleagues in any way we can, most of your day is spent in the workplace so it’s important that you have people around who you get on with while also being able to work with. Opportunities such as these are a great way to make sure that the balance is kept up throughout the Company and a great way to meet new people who you may not have met otherwise.