• Meet Michelle…

    Meet Michelle, who qualified as a Solicitor after completing a two-year training contract here at Geldards. Let’s look at her journey…

  • Applying and succeeding
    (sort of)

    The application process is rigorous, the various stages are designed to test different skills including commitment, reaction times, teamwork and handling pressure. These are vital skills to being a solicitor, so it’s better to test them early!

    Joining Geldards was nerve-racking, but exciting, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

  • Mixing & Bonding

    The initial nerves are soon quashed as you spend your first week with all the other first and second year trainees. You can get to know them in a professional and social environment, build relationships with those on the journey with you, and those who are further along who can give you support and advice.

  • Nervous beginnings

    As an external applicant, the first few weeks of seat one were spent learning about the Geldards systems and how a law firm works. But for every trainee, it’s about learning what being a solicitor entails and starting to develop time management, prioritisation and workload management skills.

    I threw myself straight into Geldards life and joined the GSR (Geldards Social Responsibility) team and the sports and social committee. I recommend this to all new recruits, not just trainees, as it is a great way to meet people and develop relationships.

  • Growing in confidence

    It was now my confidence really started to build, and I was rewarded for this by being able to work on some high-profile cases and operate as a solicitor. The training contract includes both Contentious and Non-Contentious work, meaning you experience a wide variety of work and cases that prepare you well for your future career.

    During seat three I was encouraged to meet my first client on my own. This can be quite daunting, so take time to prepare well and you’ll be just fine. Throughout your whole training contract, if you prove you are capable, you will get the responsibility and this is the best way to develop your skills and become the best solicitor you can be.

  • Decisions and choices

    As you begin seat four you will start to think about which area of law you would like to qualify into, I knew I wanted to stay at Geldards and I wanted to stay in the corporate team. The firm releases departments who are hiring, and you can apply for opportunities based on your preferences. Luckily there was a vacancy in the corporate team, and fortunately the team were happy to keep me, and so I was offered the job!

  • Succeeding for real – I am a Solicitor!

    During seat four the realisation hits that you are almost a solicitor, and that is worth celebrating! I spent my final day as a trainee on a beach in Greece, and returned as a qualified solicitor with donuts for everyone!

    I am now in my dream job as a fully qualified Corporate Solicitor. It’s a tough road to get here, and it’s tough when you do get here, but I think it is one of the most rewarding jobs you could have.

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