Every business needs a range of expertise and experience to succeed. To drive our core business we need enthusiastic, talented and dedicated support professionals to deliver excellence in Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Training and Administration. We need the same qualities in our support professionals as we do our legal, committed people who understand the importance of delivering a high quality service.


Our office support services are provided by Intelligent Office, if you would like to apply, please send your CV and covering letter to alexes.bowman@intelligentofficeuk.com


Our IT team are the technology pros in the business, they keep all our systems up and running and respond to questions asked by the not-so technology pros. We need people who can react quickly to issues, can keep our systems running as efficiently as possible and be proactive to new developments.


You’ll find our marketing team with different tasks every day, running events, building websites, graphic designing, working with the media and driving new work to name a few. We need people who are up for a challenge, can be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced environment and who are ready to pitch in at all times.


We really do have a great team here, all looked after by our dedicated HR team who look after our welfare and ensure our work life runs as smooth as possible. We need people who are willing to go the extra mile for others, who understand different people’s needs and who can help us recruit and look after new and existing staff.


Our finance team manage the money and keep the business running. They pay our bills, pay our staff and manage the payments coming in from clients. We need our finance team to be good with numbers, logical and have good attention to detail. Can you handle the pressure? Let us know.

Learning & Development

Our staff have some of the highest calibre qualifications, however, you never stop learning. Our Learning and Development Team offer both internal and external learning opportunities tailored to each individual. The Team are encouraging, enthusiastic and committed to the development of all our staff. Our support professionals, in all disciplines, are encouraged and supported by the Learning & Development Team to undertake qualifications to further their development individually and of their wider team.


Our Administration team look after everybody in the office by ensuring paperwork is all up to date and ready, everything is in order for meetings and events and the office is a safe and pleasant environment for our staff and visitors. We need people who can work to deadlines, use their initiative and have strong organisation skills.

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