This week we have had the opportunity to catch up with Callum Reed from Knowledge Management, he’s been very busy recently, so we wanted to share a bit more about why that is!

So what are you doing at the moment?

I’m currently working as a Knowledge Management Assistant at Geldards whilst also studying the LPC LLM at Cardiff University. Alongside this, I’m a brand ambassador for a company that helps people with the TC stage of their career (The Corporate Law Academy) and most recently I was nominated to sit on the Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division as a student representative.

Sitting on the JLD committee is my newest project. After a successful application, I now sit with 10 other members, most of whom are qualified solicitors. The role involves protecting and promoting the interest of over 70,000 members, spanning from LPC students to 5 years newly qualified. We recently started representing solicitor apprentices too.

What sort of projects have the JLD been working on?

We’re heavily involved in the consultations surrounding the SQE. Whilst we agree with the SQE in principle, we want to ensure any changes introduced do not adversely affect our members.  We’ve recently written to the LSB and JSC to express some of our concerns, including those around offering the SQE1 exam in Welsh and diluting the standard of solicitor qualification in England and Wales.

We’re also involve in the Booze Culture Campaign – running in January, which looks at ways that law firms can network and have social events that don’t rely on alcohol. A good example is Geldards’ commercial property bonding afternoon. Other ideas include escape rooms and tours of local attractions.

It’s all about reducing the reliance on alcohol at work social events. It’s increasingly common for people to not drink at such events, whether that be for physical or mental health reasons.

Lastly, we’re involved in the ongoing surveys on the mental health and of junior lawyers in the workplace. Kayleigh Leonie spearheads the campaign, which in 2019 found that over 93% of respondents felt stressed in their role, caused by factors like high workload, client demands, and a lack of support.

The Law Society, in collaboration with the JLD, has issued guidance on what law firms can do to reduce and prevent stress in the workplace. More on this can be found here:

So how are you going to get involved?

Personally, I will be involved in the ongoing JLD projects whilst also taking on more responsibility in other areas too. For example, the JLD run events each year for LPC students and Junior Lawyers. I will be organising the LPC forum events that are taking place in Manchester and London.

We’ve already made a start on the LPC forum event in Manchester. This has involved organising speakers and finding a location, whilst also setting out an itinerary for the day. The day will focus on the TC application; namely how to make strong applications, build your commercial awareness, and excel at interviews.

The Junior forum events are in Cardiff and London. These focus more on what newly qualified lawyers can do to establish themselves in the firm. For example, improving their time management skills and getting a better understanding of how they can make money for the firm. One of the events is in Cardiff – which I will be attending!

I’m also going to be writing a few articles that will published in the likes of the Lawyer, the Gazette and a handful of others. The articles can be on anything – and a recent example is a JLD member that did an article on Imposter Syndrome.

I will be managing the Facebook page as well, where I will be aiming to increase the online presence for JLD so we can engage with more of our members.

Why did you want to do all this?

It’s a great opportunity for some good experience and extra responsibility.

I’m not sure what I’ve got myself in for yet but I’m looking forward to getting involved and hopefully I can make an impact!

It’s great to be involved in extra curriculars. It like to stretch myself to see what I can achieve!

If you’d like to learn more about the different events that will be hosted please go to the website!