Over the last term the Recruitment team at Geldards have had a great time meeting such a variety of people from different Universities and catching up at different events. From Agriculture and Equine students interested in converting to Law; to LPC and LLM students who have always been set on a Legal Career we’ve had the chance to speak to them all!

We wanted to give you an overview of the last few events and then some top tips on what we’ve learnt from them in the hope it will help you with other events or if you weren’t able to attend.

CV Drop In

We tried something slightly different this year and held CV Drop in sessions in Cardiff, Sheffield and University of Law Nottingham. Here we had the opportunity to actually sit down with students and go over their CV’s, we looked at it from a Legal point of view but also from the point of view of what we would want to see in a potential Trainee.

One of the biggest things we noticed, especially among GDL students who haven’t had as much time, is CV’s aren’t just there to show where you’ve been, but where you’re going. Whenever people talk about CV’s they refer to them as a record of where you’ve been, however, a good CV is also able to show where you want to be. That’s not just through a personal profile stating your intentions (although that can help!) but also by showing what you deem as important. The layout of the CV with education and legal experience at the beginning to show that these are your most valuable experiences.

Employer in the Foyer

This is something we’ve done for a little while now, we did it in Birmingham and also in Derby after a more general presentation. This is actually one of the most difficult events to hold as it’s so much more down to you as students.

This is a great opportunity to meet the Recruiter and normally another representative from the firm, whether that’s a Trainee or a Brand Ambassador. The difficulty is that we’re stationed in one place so it is up to you to pluck up the courage to speak to us, but I really recommend you do! With the people who we spoke to this year we were able to give a much more personal account of why we enjoy working in Geldards so much and what you can expect as a potential applicant. The ability to ask whatever you want should give you such a great opportunity, so do make sure you make the most of it!


Presentations are rife in Law Departments however we did take part in a few this year. It’s difficult for students to see the value in these sometimes on a less general (What is a Training Contract) scale. I would really recommend looking into presentations as there are a lot of firms, like us, who want to make sure they’re of use to students. This year we did more generic presentations in Derby, Nottingham Trent University, Birmingham and Sheffield.

During these presentations we covered different topics dependant on what the students were interested in, we explained who we are as a firm and tried to demonstrate the unique culture that we have whilst also giving useful tips and guidance to students who attended. We also had the privilege of being able to bring an Associate to speak to Agriculture and Equine students on what it’s like doing the GDL and why she loves the Law!

Panel Events

This year we were excited to be invited to a few different Panel Events! We’ve attended “Working Regionally and Living Locally” where one of our Family Associates explained how she got into Law and why she’s still doing it locally. We also attended an Employer and Skills panel event in Sheffield and one of our Senior Paralegals and future Trainees Hugh White attended an LPC Panel event in Nottingham Trent University.

Panel events are a great way to find out about a range of firms and really get a chance to understand the employees who attend and why they work there. There are normally opportunities to network afterwards which we would really recommend as it’s a great way to follow up with any questions you had from the panel that you may not want to ask in the Q&A!

Mock Assessments/Interviews

These are normally run by the Universities however we held one Mock Assessment Centre in Derby, during this we went through the tasks from a previous year but instead of putting people through it we really made the students think. We explained the task and what it was and how it was done, but then we asked the students why they thought we did it and then helped them understand the thought process of the recruiters a bit more.

We also took part in Mock Interviews in Nottingham Trent University; this is a great way to get feedback straight away. We interviewed but left a good 5 minutes to discuss feedback and see how students thought the interviews went which is so useful for applicants!

Department Fair

The Department Fair was a brand new idea this year and went down extremely well! At a Law Fair there are so many firms vying for your attention you don’t get a chance to really speak to any of them for very long before more students come along. We wanted to change this and give you the opportunity to find out more.

We held the Department Fairs in Nottingham Trent University, Derby and Cardiff University. At each event we had a variety of colleagues from Associates to Trainees and Paralegals take part. This allowed us to split the students into different tables with one Geldards colleague at each table, we then allowed 10 minutes for the colleague to discuss their area of Law and how they came to Geldards and then another 5-8 minutes for you to ask any questions you wanted. After this each colleague changed tables so that you get the opportunity to hear from and speak to everyone.

This is a great way to get to know a lot of people quickly and find out so much more about not only Geldards but also different areas of Law that you may or may not be familiar with!