As a recruiter countless CV’s and application forms per day are reviewed and it’s always the first thing that’s asked about

There are so many different studies out there about how long it takes recruiters to read a CV it’s hard to know how to make yours stand out. After speaking to a few people recently and also a few lecturers in Universities it’s clear that people don’t expect to be seen which can make the process of applying for jobs disheartening.


So what can you do to make your CV stand out? A good cover letter? Some fancy fonts?

It’s important these days to go back to basics, CV’s need to be tailored to what you’re applying for and the experience that you have. If you’re applying for a Paralegal role but don’t have much experience in the field show off about your education, the experience that you do have and why it’s still relevant!

Some positions that we deal with won’t always need experience in the specific area that is being recruited for, we may be looking for something quite niche. In which case we want to see what you’ve done that can be used in this area, what experience you do have and why you’d be interested. Is it something that you’ve worked close to but then picked up more experience from a hobby? Is it something that you’re really passionate about but haven’t quite had the chance to experience – let us know!


There is a lot of talk that application forms aren’t used and that they’re just a tick box exercise. That’s definitely not the case with Geldards at least! The information you give in an application form about what you’ve done previously and why you’re interested in us and what you’re looking for out of a position is really important!

One of the most important things in Geldards is that we have such fantastic team collaboration so how you come across in your application can make a big difference! We’re looking for the skills of course but your excitement and passion for the role and what we do as a Company is a great way to show how interested you are

So this summer take the time to review your CV, find out what’s really important to you and the positions that you’re applying to and don’t forget to check out our latest vacancies!