Last year we did a blog on CV’s and application forms, something that is always asked about as soon as you realise you’re talking to a recruiter! If you missed it you can find the link here

This year with everything going on however we thought a more timely topic would be A levels/GCSE results…

Results day

If you have received your results recently firstly congratulations! With so much going on in the world getting through it all hasn’t been easy so take some time to celebrate everything you’ve done up until this point.

Don’t be put off, there has been a lot of posts recently on social media from succesful individuals who didn’t receive the results that they were looking for. A lot of firms, including Law firms, are also coming out to say that A levels won’t be counted going forward.

What next?

It’s important to remember that a good firm won’t just look at one part of your CV or your application. It takes an entire application to apply to a firm and there’s a reason for that. At Geldards we spend days going through every single Training Contract application that comes in, because we want to make sure we’re gettign the best possible idea of a person before continuing.

Whether you did as expected in your A Levels or GCSE’s this year it’s not what you received that matters as much as what you do with it. The most important thing when it comes to your results is how you move forward, if you really aren’t happy with something, are you sitting back and accepting it or are you trying to fight for it? If you’re happy enough with what you have what else are you doing to back it up.

You could have all A* in your A Levels but you still need to find the experiences, show your interest, join the Law Societies or Mooting societies or wherever your interest lies.

These days there are so many ways to get experience, even in this pandemic with online virutal work experiences that you’ve got plenty of opportunity to make this into the best possible result.


Whatever your next steps are, University or Apprenticeship, whichever way you’re looking to get into Law you need to go for it. Law isn’t an easy career, but it is rewarding, especially when you can work in a culture where you are supported and are able to do what you’re passionate about. But you need to find that for yourself, every firm is different and deal with things differently, whether that’s your results or what experience they can provide for you.

The most important thing is to keep trying, keep looking and to always be open to new opportunities, you never know what might come your way!

And in the meantime you can always take some time out, celebrate and read up on what your favourite Law firms are doing during this time.