Every year on New Year’s Eve the question is asked, what New Year’s resolution are you going to have? By now (September) you’ve probably forgotten what you decided earlier this year, statistically New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept much further into the year than the first quarter.

But what about New Term resolutions?

New Term

When you think of a new term people would associate this with going to school or university however it’s not only students that make new resolutions. With the seasons changing its normal for our routines to change, for example we may not be getting out and about as much with the darker nights so going to the gym may be the next best thing (or curling up with a good book!).

Summer is of course a peak time for holidays, although there’s a lot of press about getting yourself “summer ready” realising who you actually are and want to be when you come back is just as big of a deal.

New Term Resolutions

You often hear people say when they get back about what they’re going to do. If you’re heading off to university, you may have spent the summer enjoying and you will resolve to be more hardworking and ensure everything is done. But resolutions don’t need to only come in first year. If you’re part way through university, it’s never too late to really assess where you are.

During interviews a common question relies on candidates knowing their strengths and weaknesses. This is always seen as a difficult question however it doesn’t need to be. If you spend each new term (no matter what stage of career) looking back on the last one, reviewing what happened and where you can improve this can set you up to be more focuses than before and also help with the dreaded what is your weakness question. You will already know the answer and will have made efforts to change it with a new resolve and perspective.


Reflecting on your last term or year doesn’t need to be a formal process or even mentioned to anyone else. A lot of people are put off from reflecting over the last term or year because it seems difficult or time consuming. But think about your mindset when you come back from holiday, when you sit down with a cup of tea (or coffee!) and think to yourself “now I’m back I’m going to be more organised”. Just in that quick decision you’ve already reflected, you’ve looked at your life before the holiday and realised what your weakness was and found the best way to turn it into a strength.

Reflecting isn’t as difficult or even as in depth as we think, all it may take is five minutes, how long do you really spend thinking of a New Year’s resolution? Why not take five minutes and actually turn your ideas into term resolutions? You’ll be surprised how quickly your perspective can change on them!

And if not, you don’t have to wait another year!