Lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone for so many different reasons, whether you have continued working all the way through and found yourself busier (and more stressed!) than normal or whether you’ve been at home wanting to be part of it all.

Which is why it’s good to look at some of the things that have made this time so unique (pandemic aside)

Working from home

This has definitely had mixed reception from people! This is where your home working space makes such a difference. If you have had children at home during this time and have worked from home, it’s brought its own challenges! However, it has given the rise of flexible working that people enjoy, being able to go out for a picnic lunch with your kids and just carry on doing work after they’ve gone to bed can be great for some people.

It has allowed teams and managers to find a new way of working, but does this mean that only working from home going forward is the best option? There’s a lot of debate on this, however can anything really beat sitting face to face with a cuppa, some biscuits and the rest of your team to have a meeting?

Working from home may have been a difficult time for you, or not working from home if you have been on furlough, this is where the firm you work for is really important…


Communication is so important, we’ve always recognized this at Geldards with our Open & Friendly approach. And during this time, it has really been shown, there are so many different ways of keeping the communication open. We’ve been fortunate to see quite a variety of ways here

  • Regular team meetings just to catch up
  • Manager getting in touch with the team to help where possible
  • Our Training Principle has kept in touch with our trainees
  • Company wide Yoga
  • Company wide Quiz
  • Chairmans blog

These are just some of the ways that we’ve kept the lines of communication open, but it’s amazing the difference it can make. You should never be left with no contact or no way of contacting your team or your manager, no matter how long this situation has been going on for!

Mental Health

With lockdown starting in March and brining all of the new stresses and anxieties that it did it was all the more important this year to focus on mental health and how to support yourself/each other. Mental Health week was in May this year, and although we may not have done as much on social media this year we had a fantastic week internally!

We started off with Mental Health Minute – an opportunity to take a break and put the radio on to listen in. We also started a acts of Kindness email to hear all about the different things that were going on during such a difficult time!

We also had various members of the firm share different things on the different days, for example our Vice Chairman shared a link about stress and wrote all about it. A great way of uniting everyone and getting the word out even whilst everyone was away from the office.

Chairmans Blog

We’ve also been fortunate to have an internal Chairmans blog almost daily throughout this entire time (with guest appearances from various members of the Firm!). This has been a great way to hear more about his viewpoint on things that were going on, as well as a chance to sit back, take a moment and connect.

Knowing that whatever is going on, you’re not alone dealing with it is always a great help, especially during such a strange time, so such consistent updates are a great help!