Throughout January and February, we had the privilege of being able to take part in the Legal Experts in Schools Team. We thought we’d document the journey!


Obviously events such as this require meticulous planning to ensure that every base is covered therefore we started the scheme with some great training!

Last year Geldards was the first law firm in Wales to support the national charity Young Citizens through the Legal Experts in Schools scheme. It was such a great success that this year we decided to roll it out to the Midlands offices as well, this did mean that we were the only law firm in the Midlands to participate which is always an exciting time!

The idea of the scheme is to raise awareness of legal issues whilst of course promoting a career in law by spending time with small groups of students. We had the opportunity to discuss topical legal issues and the impact that they have on their everyday lives.

Beginning of the Sessions

At the beginning it was great to just start to get to know the students and have a chance to share different things with them. We delivered the sessions to around 30 pupils, but we split them off by volunteer into groups of around 6 or 7 to allow us a better chance to get to know the young adults. During the sessions we had the chance to talk about a range of legal subjects that are relevant such as Family Law, Childrens Rights, Social Media and Human Rights.

From the planning stage the sessions were designed to be informal and interactive discussions to help the groups learn about the Law and the progression whilst also developing some key employability skills, such as analytical and critical thinking.

End of the Sessions

After six weeks the sessions came to an end, we had the opportunity to review how the sessions went and discuss with other colleagues how we felt. Speaking about it one of the team said that they were so encouraged to see how interested the students were. Talking to students is always difficult as you never know whether they’re going to be interested, however being able to discuss topics that were important to them such as social media and the legal ramifications was so encouraging. They were all so engaging and it was great to build up a rapport with them over the six weeks.

Another colleague said it’s such a rewarding activity “for all of our staff to take part in, and a wonderful way for us to give back to the local community, as well as inspiring a future generation of potential lawyers. Working with pupils and educating them on Laws that impact their lives is important and will hopefully provide a small insight into life as a Lawyer to help them see Law as a potential future career choice. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Fernwood School and working with the pupils and it is something we will look at doing again in the future.”

If you’d like to find out more about the work that we do search our blogs for the Geldards and the Community blog posts!