With Training Contract season starting we have organised quite a few events in various Universities over the next few months; so, we thought it would be good to put together a few tips when it comes to attending!

We’ve spoken with our current trainees and found out from them what they would have done differently or what they see as important now that they’re on the other side of it. Networking is a difficult thing and it’s something that takes a lot of practice to do, but meeting with companies at your University is an easy first step!

First Impressions

First impressions are vital, it can be quite daunting to come up to a group of employees and introduce yourself but it’s so important! Speaking to current trainees they commented on the significance of the first impression, how it’s easy in the rush of coming up to a group to forget to introduce yourself properly and even give a name

Companies host different events as a way to get to know students better. When it comes to recruitment, we want to make sure that when we receive your training contract application we can link it to the people we’ve met and therefore be able to give a better picture of each applicant. Unfortunately, if you introduce yourself but never mention your name, we can’t do that which is a shame!

Don’t be shy

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to really get to know more about the process a company follows and how they can fit into it. You may get the chance to speak to a recruiter or a trainee, don’t miss the opportunities that this gives!

Being able to discuss face to face with someone about an area of law you’re interested in or even just finding out more about what you can put in your application to really stand out is invaluable. When we go into Universities we don’t expect students to know everything there is to know about every company, we understand that between going to University, studying at home, trying to network, trying to do extra-curricular activities to help your CV, be a part of the Law Society and try and make friends that you’re not going to have much time for company research!

Take notes if you can

A lot of the time the conversations that you’re going to be having are one off conversations and presentations that are given may not be repeated! Although it’s easier in a presentation to make notes it is still possible with conversations you have. Either invest in a small notepad so you can take notes while having the conversation, or make a point of going back and writing up anything you thought was important.

Trainees and recruiters understand how much you’re doing and won’t be offended if you’re taking notes whilst talking to them, although asking first is always polite!

Be yourself

The most important part is to be yourself, we want to see what you’re really like beyond the application form and CV that we would normally see. We want to be able to understand why you’re interested in Law, what your passion is and why you want to take on such a difficult but rewarding job!

If you’d like to meet with us we’ll be at a University near you soon, keep an eye on social media to see where we’re going next!